My Story

Graduating from Murdoch University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Media in Screen Production and Sound, my studies covered various aspects of film, television, radio and music production. The degree is complemented by a background in Website Design from studying at the Central Institute of Technology in East Perth.

A keen interest in current affairs and listening to other people’s stories drives my passion for producing educational content through the power of digital storytelling.

I have worked as a producer and journalist in community television to broadcast countless hours of current affairs programming.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning foreign languages and volunteering for community organisations such as Radio Lollipop.


My Mission – Inform. Entertain. Influence.

My mission is to produce content or be involved in projects that;

  • educates and informs the audience about a matter of public interest
  • entertains and engages the audience with powerful storytelling
  • inspires and influences the audience to make the world a better place

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