5 Ways to Reach More Viewers with Your Facebook Posts

Over the last year or so I have been studying the way Facebook operates. Here are my tips to obtain more views on your posts.

Use images

Even if you don’t have a relevant image, you should accompany all your regular posts with an image because images are more likely to appear in people’s news feeds and less likely to be scrolled past than posts with just text.


Share your posts everywhere that is relevant. Share them in groups, other pages and on friend’s profiles. Encourage your ‘friends’ and ‘fans’ to share your post. To point out the obvious, the more a post is shared, the more views it will receive. Don’t worry about spamming or annoying people because there’s a good chance they have missed your post.

Comments & Likes

Posts with a lot of comments and/or likes are be regarded as ‘top stories’ by Facebook, so they are more likely to be seen in a news feed. This is especially true since most people have their news feeds set to ‘top stories’ by default.

To provoke comments pose a question to your viewers,  encourage your viewers to discuss an interesting/contentious topic or simply state their opinion on something. Basically, start a conversation.


Tagging people or pages in your posts or in the comments section will undoubtedly increase your viewership. It is also likely that they will like and comment on your post if you tag them.

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