Why animations are not just for kids

Ever wondered why most of the “good” films these days seem to be animations? Despicable Me, Toy Story 3 and Wall-E (most of the Disney Pixar collection), are just a few recent examples of such films. What makes them so successful is the focus on story rather than gratuitous sex, nudity and violence. These films appeal to a wide audience because the content is family friendly and encompass a positive outlook on life.

It is often thought that animated films are only for children but that is simply not true. The stories are often funny, poignant, teach good moral values and generally uplifting. They are filled with comical situations, colourful characters, allegories and make interesting comments on society.

Both Finding Nemo and Wall-E send strong messages about the environment as well as humanity. Wall-E achieves this primarily without dialogue, yet the scenes are just as powerful as any live-action film, particularly the opening sequences with piles of rubbish which make reference to waste management.

Animated films like Up and Toy Story 3 are emotive and are just as engaging for an adult audience as they are for kids. In Up a beautiful love story is revealed through a montage – a series of images without any dialogue. Also, this film focuses on a widower in his late 70s who reflects on a life of happiness and adventure but is faced with the prospect of living alone in a nursing home. Similarly, Toy Story 3 is a tear-jerker with themes of love, forgiveness and freedom. Only adults can truly connect with these themes and reflections on life.

Whereas most live-action films these days tend to explore dark themes, contain immorality, include twisted love stories or gory violence. The stories often focus on despair rather than hope. Not only are these films are unsuitable for children but they are cringe-worthy and uncomfortable for viewing with family.

Animations, especially those produced by the Disney Pixar team consistently perform well at the Box Office due to their mass appeal. People of all ages love to watch them because of their colourful, clever and compelling stories.

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