Review: Finding Dory

*** 3 stars |  A suitable family movie but disappointing sequel.

Finding Dory is a good movie but the story doesn’t go far enough, it hangs off the first film too much and could have been funnier. The film is about a parents’ unconditional love for their child and navigating your way through life. There is an interesting reflection on living with disability and not allowing it to hold you back, something which could have been explored further. “Just keep swimming…” is a pivotal message of the film as it is in the first film. The message is a nod to Walt Disney’s mantra “keep moving forward”. Overall, a suitable family movie but disappointing sequel for fans of Finding Nemo.

  • Story – 7/10
    (Plot, Character & Themes)
  • Acting – 10/10
    (Voice acting performance)
  • Cinematography – 9/10
    (Visual imagery & animation)
  • Sound Design – 8/10
    (Dialogue, Sound Effects & Music)
  • Editing – 7/10
    (Emotion, Story & Rhythm)

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