Why I’m Growing a Moustache

This month is November, also known as Movember. The month where guys try to grow moustaches but it looks like they have a hair caterpillar under their nose, only a few are able to pull it off like Tom Selleck.

This year, I’m hoping my moustache will look like Raúl Juliá as Gomez Addams in the 1991 Addams Family movie but I fear that it will turn out more like Errol Flynn or Clark Gable, the same as previous years.

Movember is the leading charity changing the face of men’s health. This November, I’m joining them to raise awareness of men’s health issues.

Together we can make a difference for men’s health – in prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. I’ll select one topic for each week.

This week, it’s all about checking your testicles. There are not many people talking about testicular cancer or the prevention of it, even those who are growing a mo for Movember.

After skin cancer, testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young men (18-39). You can contract this type of cancer in your 20s.

Listen to this story of twin brothers Ryan and Sean Collard who were diagnosed with testicular cancer aged 24, just 20 days apart.

Follow this 3 step process to check your testicles. The aim is to learn what is normal for your testicles so that you will know when something doesn’t feel right.

  1. Take a warm shower.
  2. Roll one testicle between your thumb and fingers to check for lumps, swelling or pain.
  3. Repeat with the other testicle.

Your testicles should feel, smooth, firm and sensitive.  If you notice a change in size or shape, a lump that wasn’t there before, or if they become painful to touch, see a doctor.

To help stop men dying too young, you can donate here or share this post with a man in your life to spread awareness of testicular cancer.

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